Data Services

ReloTalent understands, that to make the best decisions for your international mobility programs, you need accurate and actionable information on every part of the process.

From cost of living data and housing prices to tax rates and allowances, that’s where we can help.

Data across the globe

We source data aiming to help HR professionals create and maintain an effective and competitive global mobility strategy, with data at the core. 

Above Earth

We provide data services in three areas

Tax and Social Contribution Guides. Rent Check. Cost of Living Reports


Tax and Social Contribution Guides

Access statistical models for tax and social security rates in 39 countries around the world. 

1,200 US$/Country

ReloTalent's Tax and Social Contribution Guides are all updated annually for changes in rates and situations which could affect your assignees. 


They mirror the situations your employees encounter, with variations for marital status, number of children and nationality, allowing customisation to your needs.


These guides provide options for performing quick gross-up tax calculations for individuals or groups of assignees.


What's included​?

  • Documentation on the local tax situation

  • Steps for quick calculations

  • Additional tax summaries providing more comprehensive information on the country's taxation and social security model


Cost of Living Reports

Compare the relative cost of living between two cities to effectively calculate appropriate allowances for your global mobility programs.

800 US$/City-to-city comparison

If you’re relocating employees, you’ll require cost estimates to build compelling business cases. Quality cost of living data is an essential cornerstone of this process, driving assignee salaries in the host country. 


Our team uses a multi-source approach to data collection, including information from our network of trusted partners, local knowledge and crowd-sourced data from Numbeo, the world's largest cost of living database. We do this to ensure a quality database that leads to reliable and actionable results.


What's included?

  • Cost of living comparisons between your chosen cities

  • Multiple calculation methods for different lifestyles

  • Individual item prices for line-by-line comparison

  • Wider regional data for added context

  • An overview of historical data


Rent Check

Get precise information regarding properties within your budget and local rental market trends.

900 US$/City

Pricing fluctuations in housing markets can cause problems for mobility professionals trying map out their relocation budgets. The ReloTalent Rent Check gives you the most up-to-date rental market data in order to identify these expenses.


Save time by tailoring the location, budget and property features to your assignees’ needs. The snapshot includes on-demand housing information for your chosen location within 48 hours of your request.


What's included?

  • Highlights of available properties, rental price and size

    Information on the overall availability of properties within budget

  • Current pricing trends in the local rental market

  • An overview of the local rental situation and additional fees

Start collecting today accurate data regarding tax, cost of living, rental market with the ReloTalent Data Services