Global Mobility Calculators

More and more businesses today require clear planning and budgeting insights for their relocation costs. ReloTalent's calculators give you the information needed to make the right decisions for your mobility programs.

Leverage home and host-based salaries

ReloTalent's suite of calculators helps you make the right decisions to achieve maximum financial efficiency in your relocations. 


A suite of five intuitive calculators for global mobility, and compensation and benefits managers in headquarters or local countries.

Start now to forecast and track costs for your global mobility programs.


Salary Calculator

With ReloTalent’s Salary Calculator, you can easily calculate employee compensation levels for 371 cities in 47 countries across the globe, taking into account taxes, social contributions, and other costs.

The ReloTalent Salary Calculator can perform Gross to Gross  and Net to Gross calculations, so you always have access to the data you need to make your compensation decisions.

Cost of Living Allowance Calculator

Understanding and anticipating purchasing power variations for your employees on assignment is essential.

The ReloTalent Cost of Living Allowance Calculator provides you with the necessary information and ensures fast and reliable decision-making. To learn more, click here.


Cost Projection Calculator

Determine of the final cost of short or long-term assignments with a host of tools designed to aggregate the various outgoings that make up an assignment. Create scenarios, access housing, cost of living, and inflation data.


Create budgets, better understand the return on your investment and track hidden costs. Take a stronger hold of your total relocation finances. 

Per Diem Calculator

Short-term assignments can be challenging to price as they are more variable than long-term assignments and the employee is often entitled to more compensation in the form of allowances.


ReloTalent’s Per Diem calculator provides you with access to a variety of data sources, including accommodation, travel, and food and drink prices, which make planning and costing short-term assignments simple.


Housing Cost Calculator

Outside of the salary, housing costs can be one of the largest financial outlays for organisations with global mobility programs. ReloTalent’s extensive housing survey reveals accurate predictions of housing costs across the globe.


Provided by our multi-source data approach including our trusted network of providers, the ReloTalent Housing Survey provides you with the accurate and actionable data needed to properly plan future international relocations. 

Discover today how the ReloTalent's suite of calculators can be applied to your global mobility programs.

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