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Accounting Documents

A Powerful
Accounting Tool

ReloTalent easy-to-use accounting module allows you to manage expenses, generate invoices and track profitability over your relocations.

Log Time and
generate Expenses

Timelog module allows you or your consultants to log time spent and allocate them to expense categories. Transform time logs into expenses in just a click. Bill instantly to customers.


Track Expenses

Track expenses or set your recurring expenses to save time, the quick validation process allows you to keep track of the expenses that occurred, track your due payments to your providers and generate invoices for your customers.

Generate Quotes and Invoices

Every quote sent is a potential revenue opportunity, every invoice paid means more revenue coming into your business.

Create professional quotes and invoices sent to your customers in seconds.

Flexible products.png

A flexible product structure

We know how complex your pricing structure can be, ReloTalent allows you to manage your products, set account pricing, and set exceptions, it adapts to the complexity of your pricing model to let you save time on your invoicing process.

Calculate profitability over relocation cases

Each relocation case is unique, requires special care, and can generate extra expenses, track your profitability by case or by customer account is easy with ReloTalent.

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