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Global Mobility 

ReloTalent acts as a single point of contact for HR, service providers and assignees to track and manage every aspect of relocation and immigration processes.

Working Together with Your Providers

Manually tracking assignee information can lead to inefficiencies in your Global Mobility Management process. With ReloTalent, all your information is securely managed and viewed in one central location, with compliance-focused automated workflows, task reminders and processes in place.

Monitor Assignments

Get step by step progress from interactive milestone workflow share by your Providers.

Share documents in a secured environment with all parties involved.

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Initiate your Providers

Work with your existing service providers on the platform, share with them your working case and request them the services needed.

Track your requests for relocation services, immigration, tax, and moves directly on your account.

Keep Compliant

Keep all your assignee compliance data and processes in one place, from the initial assessment to ongoing monitoring and final deletion of non-essential PA.

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Analyse and Report

Instantly view your company’s key metrics and assignment analytics. Optimise your mobility program with our business reporting.

Extract data and Reports to automate visibility on your operational indicators.

Customise your own reports with our APIs.

Employee Experience

Bring your mobility programs to the next level for your employees with an smooth onboarding, destination guides and secured place to store and share documents.

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ReloTalent & Your HRIS systems

ReloTalent connects to and enhances your existing HRIS systems such as Workday, SuccessFactor, BambooHR and more. Our system is able to connect and interact with many HRIS systems.

  • Gain proactive control of your company's assignments with approval flows.

  • Avoid double entry for key employee information.

  • Save time with integrated processes

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