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All the Power
of ReloTalent
At Your Fingertips

Offer your team and consultants the capacity to work anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices with our powerful mobile app dedicated to providers.

Connect Every Team Member
On The Field

ReloTalent mobile app for Providers offers relocation companies the capacity to significantly increase productivity, bringing the power of ReloTalent in your team members mobile devices.

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It's All At Your Fingertips

We condensed all the power of ReloTalent to fit it in your mobile, making it easy for your staff to complete their assignments digitally.

Let your consultants control every step of a move, interact with their assignee and complete their tasks from any device.

At your fingertips

Organise All Your Cases

Organise your relocation cases, due actions and tasks, follow your streamlined workflows to ensure compliance and allow your team to work anytime, anywhere from their mobile device.

Organise RELO cases
Track Team Members
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Track Your Team Activities 

Never lose track of your team member's assignments, you can follow their progress on your phone.

Let your consultants work on the system and report about their progress from the field.

Update Tasks

Quickly Update Tasks

All your tasks at your fingertips, no need to update from your laptop.

Ensure your workflows are respected and increase the responsiveness of your team from mobile.

RELO comments.png

Interact on Home Search

We've made it easy for your team members to collaborate with their assignees to find the perfect home. Find, add and share housing proposals with assignees, gather their feedback and schedule visits for a smooth Home Search experience.


Never Miss an Event

Never miss an event with mobile notifications.

You will always be able to quickly access what is happening on a case in real time.

Access comments, notifications and all the updates of your ReloTalent system from your mobile device.

Much more
Housing Proposals list.png

Interact with Assignees and HRs

Be always on top of all cases with comments.
Effectively communicate with your assignees and your HR customers via the app to ensure maximum responsiveness and visibility.

And Much More

Customise your links to personalise your experience, access all of your files, access the dedicated user guide and much more.

All ReloTalent now fits in your pocket.


Wondering how ReloTalent Mobile App for Providers can help your company gain in productivity and traceability?

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