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Home Search

Designed to simplify the process of collaborating with your clients, allowing you to work together seamlessly in order to help them discover their ideal home.

Search Properties

Search properties in your database or quickly add properties from local real estate listings.

Refine your search based on your customers needs and requirements.

Manage your internal list of available real estate properties.

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Propose Pano.png

Propose Properties

Maximize transparency and satisfaction by helping clients shortlist, collaborate or indicate dislikes.

Give your consultants complete control to offer their expertise and support.


Follow up and reach out to your clients quickly with direct messaging and in-app notifications.

Spend less time on phone and emails and more time growing your activity.

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Track and Control

Track all recurring expenses, check-in, and check-out processes for smooth tenancy management.

Grow your activity by nurturing the relationship after your clients have found the perfect home.

Find out how our interactive Home Search module can help you to offer an awesome relocation experience to your assignees.

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