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ReloTalent and your
HRIS systems

ReloTalent offers a robust integration Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) such as Workday to support a wide variety of use cases for different types of customers.

ReloTalent's platform is able to bridge data between many Human Resources Information software systems. Gain proactive control with customisable approvals, and organise all your global mobility workflows.

ReloTalent Public APIs

ReloTalent Public API allows your organisation to ensure data flows securely between your system and ReloTalent.

ReloTalent connects to and enhances your existing HRIS systems such

as: Workday, SuccessFactor, ADP, BambooHR, ZohoHR, Mployee and more.

Looking for a global mobility module integration?

Look no further with ReloTalent integration, see the right data, in the right place.

Manage your global mobility with confidence knowing all employee data are available and updated for an efficient global mobility management.

We will help summarise supported use cases and adapt to your processes and requirements.

When you are ready to get things set up, contact your Customer Success Manager to start the integration process.

Want to know how your Human Resource Management System can work with ReloTalent?

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