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Service Providers

ReloTalent is the new generation of relocation management software that automates your processes and help you provide an outstanding customer experience.

All-In-One Relocation Management Software

ReloTalent means bringing all your services workflows online. We cover initiations through to invoicing.


Receive all key information, documents, and dates securely within one system from all parties involved. Give teams the certainty of knowing who is working on what from the start.

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Launch predefine services, service packs, and automated workflow, and get the right consultant to start working in no time. ReloTalent allows companies to design customized set-ups.


Collaborate with assignee on real estate listings. Save time by centralizing all employee and client interactions.

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Gain insights into what services were delivered, who worked on it, and when. With our configured dashboards, lists and KPIs having visibility on your operations has never been easier.


Pay and Get Paid

Easily create and approve Expenses in ReloTalent, match quotes with service delivered and invoices. Know with certainty that you are working on profitable relationships.

See How ReloTalent Helped Clients Like You 

"Our HR partners really like the interface and it's really nice and professional, easy to use for their new employees."

Tia Robinson, Co-Founder, 

Expath Training & Consulting GmbH

Provide an outstanding employee welcome experience

Provide an outstanding employee welcome experience via desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Share key information for a smooth transition, and automate your service processes via shared data and document with assignees.

Quickly gather information about their choices on housing, schooling, language courses, etc.

Interact on real estate proposals providing a seamless virtual home search experience.

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Easy Onboarding

ITA Programme

Follow the established program for Implementation, Training, and Adoption (ITA) to include all team members and consultants. Built around a defined series of interactive sessions with the customer success team, the ITA program enables your service company to get immediate value from your system.

Customer Support

ReloTalent Customer Support and Services teams are here to answer your questions, help you master best practices, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your platform.

All that - plus our detailed interactive guides, Help documentation, and educational resources mean you will never feel left out in the cold.

In-app tutorials

Efficiently onboard assignees with intuitive interfaces and step-by-step in-app tutorials. Reduce lengthy onboarding cycles and training.