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Streamline Immigration Case Management

Collaborate on your Immigration cases with the highest level of compliance via automated processes and reporting.

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Increase efficiency by automating routine processes with template emails and communications.

Facilitate collaboration while staying on your client’s strict timeline with automated reminders, reporting tools, and customized dashboards.

Keep records accurate and everyone on the same page


Keep clients updated with flexible real-time reporting.
Offer white-label software for your corporate clients and HR teams to track their immigration timelines and processes.
Give immigration reports with expiration dates and deadlines management.

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Immigration Security.png

Data Security

ReloTalent handles a significant amount of personal data on behalf of our clients and as such is committed to following the EU General Data Protection Regulation; the global gold standard of data protection laws. In addition, ReloTalent offers a host of features and services to ensure our clients’ compliance with their work.

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