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Priced to suit your Relocation Business

From 299 EUR / Month

Our usage based pricing scales with your business and adapts to its seasonality.

Steer your relocation activity with the fundamentals.

Here below you will find the list of all the features available in your basic subscription.


Create and Manage Assignments
Create working cases your customers hand over to you.

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Automate Tasks and Workflows

Launch Services and manage them to comply with your workflows.


File sharing with Team, HRs and Assignees
Securely share files between all the actors involved in a case.

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Create and Manage Relocations

Manage your relocation cases and all the procedures around those.

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Email integration and Email Templates
Manage email templates and send email directly from the system.

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Automated Questionnaires Tool
Send Questionnaires and get answers synch to system's fields.

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Assignee Personal Space
Give access to the Assignee Personal space for a great onboarding.

30 service templates.png

More than 30 default service templates
Use standard industry templates to manage the services you provide.

Reports Analytics.png

Reports and Analytics
Access all available reports or extract data from the system to create you own.


Single Sign On (SSO)
Enable SSO login to automate your user provisioning and add security.

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Digital Home Search Experience
Share Housing Proposals and let Assignees do their choice.


Automated reminders
Set your default reminders for service events and let the system follow up on your behalf.


Working cases segregation
Manage who can see which working case, peace of mind when you need to restrict accesses.

role dashboard.png

Role based Dashboard
Dashboards are based on user roles, to ensure an overview of the right insights.


Boost your productivity with ReloTalent's add-ons!

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Manage Expense, Timelogs and Invoices
Manage expenses. keep track of time spent on files and create your invoices.


Public REST APIs
Connect and integrate with all your other tools with our APIs.

22Group 3.png

Automatically Fill Forms
Setup and save your recurrent form templates and prefill them in one click!

autofilll emails.png

Automatically Fill Emails
Setup and save time on emails with templates and autofill option!

Group 8.png

HR Dashboards
Allow your HR customers to have a dedicated access to monitor progress.

Group 6.png

Custom Service Templates
Customise your services with tailored templates to reflect your organisation.

Webhooks Addon Copy.png

Ping the system to retrieve information about events in real time.

Group 4 Copy 21.png

Apply your logo and colours to the interfaces for a consistent corporate image.

Price DSP

Questions About Our Pricing?

We are here to help answer your questions and make getting started on ReloTalent as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does My Free Trial Start?

Your 14-day free trial starts as soon as you complete the key information (first name, last name, company name and business email) on the ReloTalent registration page. After logging into your ReloTalent environment, the number of free trial days left will be displayed. ​

How Long is The Contract?

Unless differently agreed, ReloTalent uses a rolling contract, so plans are paid monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

Is My Data Safe?

ReloTalent’s advanced security system ensures data protection through features, controls, processes and precautions. This includes data encryption at rest and in transit, an advanced secure authentication process, and role-based account access. You can read more on our Data Security page. ​

Which Payment Methods do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards, bank transfer and Paypal.

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