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Provide an Outstanding Experience to your Assignees

Offer a personalized assignee experience for each of your international assignees or hires with anytime access from mobile and desktop.

Make Every Relocating Employee
A Welcomed Employee

ReloTalent offers companies the power to significantly increase client satisfaction by completing their welcome experience digitally.

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Intuitive Interface

Our user-friendly employee welcome app provides an ideal relocation experience and makes it easy for employees to complete tasks digitally. Let employees view every step of their move, interact with their local agent, and complete essential paperwork from any device

Intuitive User Interface

Tasks and Files Sharing

Share tasks and files with employees, streamline every every step of their move and let them know which actions and documents are required on their side.

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Share Tasks and Files
Curated Guides
Curated Guides.png

Curated Guides

Dive into insider information about the local housing market and key insights about the neighborhoods and communities.

Collaborative Home Search

Collaborative Home Search

We've made it easy for your employees to collaborate with their agents to find the perfect home. Review or share housing proposals to interact with agents directly from the Real estate app features.

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With secure document sharing and a step-by-step immigration process, offer your employees the tools to move forward in compliance.

Employee Success

Our Customer Success team is here to go the extra mile, helping anytime your employees to make the most out of their app experience.

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Employee Success

Do you want to see how ReloTalent can help you welcoming your assignees?

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