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Posted Worker Notification Management

ReloTalent provides a solution to the complexity of the European Union’s Posted Worker Directives, through a combination of guidance tools, tailored workflows and easy-access resources. Tackle your posted worker notifications step-by-step with a full knowledge and understanding of the host country’s notification requirements in terms of employee rights, liaison appointment, and document retention.

Does your seconded employee require a posted worker notification?
Access ReloTalent's posted worker notification management workflows
European Union's Poster Workers Directive
Posted Worker Notification Assessment

It is not always clear when sending an employee of secondment will require a posted worker notification to be filed, as each country has its own conditions and exclusions. ReloTalent's simple and easy to use assessment tool can tell you whether a notification is required for your case.

Comprehensive Notification Management

Posted worker notification requirements vary across the European Union, including; applicable origin countries, liaison appointment conditions, required document translations, acceptable working conditions, proof of compliance, document storage and accessibility. ReloTalent's clear and comprehensive posted worker notification management tools provide step-by-step guides and task lists to guide your secondment compliance procedures.


  • Is a posted worker notification right for your assignee?

  • What documents must you submit?

  • When do you need to provide the notification?

  • Who should you appoint as a liaison?

  • What documents should be kept on hand?



  • Access to tailored workflows for each country

  • Step-by-step processes to complete the notification and ensure compliance

  • Links and directions to easily complete required forms


  • Secure but easily accessible repository to store posted worker documents

  • Template documents and knowledge resources

  • Scope and data requirements for each country

ReloTalent Posted Worker Notification Management Features

Easy identification

Use ReloTalent’s simple assessment tool to see if a posted worker notification is required for your seconded employee. 


Integrated tracking

ReloTalent’s posted worker notification workflows integrate seamlessly with ReloTalent’s relocation and assignment management systems. 


Secure document sharing

Securely share documents and information between teams and stakeholders with controlled role-based access. 


Tailored tasks

ReloTalent’s posted worker notification management workflows provide you with country-specific and tailored task lists for notification preparation and posting. 


Straightforward submission

Clear guidelines on how, when and where to submit your posted worker notifications for each country.


Compliant storage

Keep notification confirmations, payroll statements and essential documents within ReloTalent for easy to access and compliant storage. 

Posted Worker Notification Management is a key feature of ReloTalent HR

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