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Relocation and global mobility management software come together to help your organisation hire, welcome and retain people for work globally. 

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 Your All-in-One System to Manage Employee Mobility

The ReloTalent platform acts as a single point of contact for human resources professionals, relocation companies, service providers and assignees to track and manage every aspect of relocations.

For Corporate HRs

All the tools you need to run your global mobility programs from start to finish. Cut down on administrative tasks and put your employee mobility on autopilot.
Centralise your HR data
Easily manage compliance
Save time

For Service Providers

A full suite of relocation management tools for your team to save time and increase client satisfaction. Provide your clients with a great reporting and project management experience. 
Track and automate processes
Ensure compliance
Grow your activity

Employee Welcome Experience

A complete experience combining communications, interactive support, and accessibility. Give outstanding personalised welcome experience from day one. 
Communications and guides
Document sharing
Mobile app 

All Your Information Securely Managed and Viewed in One Place 

Mistakes happen when you work with spreadsheets; key compliance dates are forgotten and the wrong vendors are engaged. Our relocation management software eliminates all of this to give you complete visibility over, and accountability of your global mobility programs.


Bring the industry standard to the management of your compliance procedures, employee data and cross-border company information. Get expert support on GDPR compliance and explore a multi-level configurable access that allows safe document sharing and easy audits.

Data Protection

ReloTalent has first-class data privacy and security designed to protect your information and secure your data. ReloTalent’s highly advanced security system ensures data protection through encryption at rest and in transit, an advanced authentication process and much more.
Project Salaries and Compensation with the ReloTalent Salary Calculator
Today's global organisations require clear planning and budgeting insights for their relocation costs. Calculate all salary-associated costs including the taxes and cost of living for your assignments with ReloTalent's Salary Calculator. Maintain your assignees' quality of live and identify areas of potential cost-saving in your global mobility programs.

Unlimited calculations

Start your compensation projections with no calculation limits. Compare on contrast unlimited scenarios with the ReloTalent Salary Calculator. Compute all relocation costs, including:

Income tax, social security, allowances, and tax credits, schooling and housing costs.

Cost of living allowances with city-specific details custom index calculations

Gross-to-gross and net-to-gross calculation schemes

Extended coverage with 371 Cities in 47 Countries 

Our multi-sourced data is collated using information from a variety of sources and is updated regularly. Our sources include:

In-house tax experts

ReloTalent global service provider network

Governments, IBDF and Numbeo

Easy-to-Use for HR teams

ReloTalent's intuitive salary calculation tool has been designed for both experts and generalists. Simply enter your assignee's core details and we do the rest:

Provide basic information or enter more details for increased granularity

Use one of our industry-standard cost of living indexes, create or enter your own

Create and download easy to understand projections and reports

Track all your employee information, assignments, relocations, immigration, tax and other destination services across your organisation with compliance.

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