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ReloTalent automates and organises global mobility programs and relocations. The innovative and user-friendly system helps you track, manage and report.


ReloTalent provides innovative solutions for everyone involved in moving people for work. We are committed to making relocations and mobility programs more secure and manageable.

It is time to cut down on administrative tasks and manage the full assignment lifecycle in one system, securely. Our software is specifically designed for destination service providers and the human resources departments that interact with assignees. We are dedicated to supporting service providers and companies in their management of global mobility. 


Bring industry standard to the management of your compliance procedures, employee’s data and cross-border company information. Explore a multi-level configurable access, that allows safe document sharing and easy audits.


ReloTalent has one of the most sophisticated task management system. Making sure you can communicate, track as well as report in the most efficient way.


The ReloTalent Customer Success team is here to help configure your system as well as assist and train your team for your long-term success. With over ten years of experience in global mobility, our team is dedicated to making your global mobility procedures more manageable.


We value the time and energy that is dedicated to supporting talents in mobility. We offer only the best solutions and high-quality tools in all aspects of your technological requirements.


ReloTalent has a certified data privacy and security designed to protect your information and secure your data. ReloTalent’s highly advanced security system ensures data protection through the following features:

  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Hosted in secure cloud facilities backed up by a solid and high quality service: Amazon Web Services
  • Advanced secured authentication process
  • Role-based access to accounts
  • Up-to-date tracing and debugging features


ReloTalent helps automate, organise and manage global talent mobility programs and relocations. ReloTalent has an innovative user-friendly system that helps you plan, track and report.

Relocation Management

Initiate your pre-configured relocations or manage every aspect of them with your team. ReloTalent Software is built around role-based access for every team member to easily track their projects and deliver great service.

Destination Services

Follow every aspect of your destination services. Share workflows and information with your team in a single system that allows you to record and report. Manage quotes, invoices and price lists.

Employee Experience

Offer employees the content, tools, and resources they need for a successful employee onboarding experience.


Stay on top of immigration policies and requirements with easy access to files and alerts for successful immigration filing and processing. Utilise secure document sharing between human resources, assignees and service providers.


Track all of your employee moves with configured workflows, secured document storage and automated audit trails. Instantly view your company’s key metrics and assignment analytics.

Custom workflows

Apply customised workflows for each of your assignment types. Manage tasks and escalations efficiently as a team for better quality control.


Produce and manage templates for letters and documents. Create onboarding documents, relocation letters and have requests for invitation letters validated online.

Cost management

Pilot your mobility program budgets with interactive cost projection tools and exception management. Create salary and costing calculations for all assignment types.


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