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Your Powerful
Relocation Management Ecosystem

A comprehensive software solution for relocation providers, human resources and assignees.

A powerful tech ecosystem, to help you welcome, track, manage, report and deliver an excellent relocation experience to your assignees and clients.

Engage all the parties in a single solution

ReloTalent acts as a single point of contact for relocation companies, immigration teams, assignees and human resources to track and manage every aspect of a move.

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For Relocation Providers

A full suite of relocation and destination management tools for your team to save time. Increase client satisfaction by providing a smooth assignee experience and great reporting.

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For Assignees

A complete experience combining communications, interactive support, and accessibility. Give outstanding personalised welcome experience from day one. 

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For Corporate HRs

All the tools you need to have visiblity over your immigration and relocation programmes. Cut down on administrative tasks and follow the progress of your providers.

An exceptional Assignee Welcome Experience

Make every relocating employee welcome, via desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Share key onboarding and immigration information for a smooth transition.

Automate service processes via shared files and assignee guides.

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Unleash the Power of APIs

By harnessing the capabilities of APIs and Webhooks, you can enhance the versatility of your organization's operations and facilitate seamless integration with your internal systems, as well as external entities such as RMCs and Human Resources customers.


With the aid of APIs and Webhooks, you can streamline complex workflows, automate processes, and enable data exchange between disparate systems in real-time. 

All your information securely
managed and viewed in one place 


Mistakes happen when you work with spreadsheets; key compliance dates are forgotten and the wrong vendors are engaged. Our relocation management software eliminates all of this to give you complete visibility over, and accountability of your global mobility programs.



Bring the industry standard to the management of your compliance procedures, employee data and cross-border company information. Get support on GDPR compliance and explore a multi-level configurable access that allows safe document sharing and easy audits.


Data Protection


ReloTalent has first-class data privacy and security designed to protect your information and secure your data. ReloTalent’s highly advanced and ISO 27001 certified security system ensures data protection through encryption at rest and in transit, an advanced authentication process and much more.


Our Offices:

Singapore, Singapore

Hanoi, Vietnam

Lisbon, Portugal

ReloTalent is an Equus Software company

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