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Partnerships at ReloTalent

Help your clients take control of their global mobility programs and improve compliance.
Drive recurring revenues for your business with our simple and transparent referral program. 

What Kind of Partnership Interests You?


Service Providers

You provide immigration, tax, home search, or other relocation services. You're a trusted adviser for your clients.




Referral Partners

You’re an organisation with industry knowledge and consulting expertise in the global mobility and relocation spheres.


Software partner.png

Software Partners

As a technology provider, you offer unique industry knowledge. Integrate with ReloTalent to enhance and augment our solution capabilities.

Why Partner with ReloTalent?

As ReloTalent Partner, you have full access to resources, training and support to master an efficient sales process, generate revenue and streamline your client delivery and reporting.
Your Partnership plays a key role in helping customers explore and maximise their global mobility management experience and will help you expand your own service offering.


Easy to

Invite your customers and prospects directly from your ReloTalent environment or from dedicated trackers available in your partner portal. 


Expand Your Value Proposition

Grow your business by taking advantage of the integrated solutions in your service offering and make the difference for winning RFPs in the digital age.


Competitive Margins

Partners are rewarded with generous margins.The ReloTalent sales team is there to help you build and close your opportunities.

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