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Press Release - 13/07/2021

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

ReloTalent releases an improved finance management module to bring cost optimization opportunities to relocation providers.

Singapore - 13th July 2021 - ReloTalent, an industry leader in global mobility technology, today announced the release of an important update of its Expense and Finance Management module, improving functionalities, speed, and usability. The update results from user requirements collected over time and the company’s constant innovations to offer a full feature relocation management system to relocation companies of all sizes.

The new finance module enables clients to manage hundreds of expenses and transactions in one go. The significant enhancements include a revamped User Interface (UI) giving users total control over quotes and invoices. The new functionalities and improved User Experience (UX) make the platform even more intuitive for companies to manage their relationships and profitability at the account or relocation level.

Following two months of development and testing, the updated finance module is now rolled out to all clients worldwide, answering the growing need for data insights on expenses and revenues. Many other fronts and back-end enhancements have been made including on the time log feature and a flexible pricing module.

"As a leading relocation management platform serving thousands of moves every year, we focus on innovations that bring the enterprise-grade technology to businesses of all sizes,” said ReloTalent CEO Sebastien Deschamps, "the latest improvements on the finance module gives our customers more control over business-critical information and profitability.”

About ReloTalent:

ReloTalent is a modern global mobility management technology that transforms the way organizations move people for work. The ISO 27001:2013 certified platform acts as a single, secure, point of contact for human resources professionals, service providers, and assignees to track and manage all aspects of employee mobility.



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