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Shaping your services to answer the different types of client personas

Whether you are a service provider or HR team, it is most likely you will need to handle a vast number of personas within your program.

Addressing a more junior crowd will require a more digitized experience, while the more VIP will look at a more white-glove hand-holding experience yet with the highest data privacy to handle their documents. Let’s deep dive into some of the specific needs that arise from our diverse workforce.

Established Family

May have one or more children. Time is short for the family, balancing successful careers, and child-related activities. A significant portion of their income is spent on school fees, childcare, and prioritizing opportunities for their children.

Key Needs


  • Practical selection of family schools and housing

  • Safe and secure environment

  • Rapid availability to work at an office

Digital Features

  • Easy access to documents

  • Interactive checklists

  • Home Search

  • School search

Why digital:

  • Data privacy

  • Full benefits review

  • White glove

Non-Family or Pre Family

Often enjoying a successful career and highly prize their flexibility. Disposable income enables them to enjoy life whilst preparing for future strains. They will have one eye on retirement and may be preparing for a family.

Key Needs


  • Control over the process

  • Stress-free service

  • Maintenance of lifestyle

Digital Features

  • Secure access to documents

  • Centralised questionnaires

  • Multiple providers in the same app

Why digital:

  • Data privacy

  • Benefits management

  • Checklists and reminders

Single Traveller

Excited by the life ahead of them; working abroad and wanting to explore the world around them. For Interns, and entry-level employees long-term planning is not a top priority, and decisions are more spontaneous and emotional

Key Needs


  • Strong abroad experience

  • Choice over decisions

  • Self-service tracking of progress

Digital Features:

  • Real-life experience guides

  • Self-service contact lists

  • Interactive checklists

  • Alerts and reminders

Why digital:

  • Flexible support

  • 24/7 access

  • Interactive Guides experience

When shaping your service and support, providing an amazing welcome experience will make a difference. Whether it is to make your program attractive internally or to increase rapid success at destination for the new arrivals

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