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Temporary Housing and its Considerations

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Providing temporary accommodation to an employee is a must-do for any company relocating an employee for an assignment. Providing temporary housing helps an employee have somewhere to arrive and call home for the coming days, weeks, and even months. This brings many different considerations that have to be taken to ensure that an employee and their families feel right at home in their new location, find out more below:

Working with 3rd Parties

Finding the necessary type of housing for an assignee may not be the easiest job, especially when relocating to lesser common or known cities or countries. Resorting to a local agent or provider can help select the right location and area for temporary housing, as they will be more aware of the local area. Many companies resort to local agents, such as real estate or travel agents to help work with them on finding the right fit.

Establishing a good relationship with local agents can help you with recurring assignments in the same location.

Determining Length of Stay

Providing your assignee with the adequate quantity of stay in one housing will help ensure that their assignment type is covered fully. As is more common during short-term assignments, companies normally include the full cost and length of accommodation. Yet, during long-term assignments, it is best to establish a guideline with the assignee on how long the company will provide housing, so that they may search for their own housing to suit their needs. If you are working with an agent or provider, having established a guideline for the length of stay will also help them choose the adequate type of housing for the assignment type.

The Key Details

A detail sometimes overlooked is the return housing for an employee who has come back from a long-term assignment. Companies should replicate the same procedure of housing once the assignment has finished, especially after several months, an assignee may need help setting back in. Keeping track of as many details as possible will help you keep costs down, and help make the stay for an employee more comfortable.

When looking for housing and accommodation remember to consider the dependents and pets of the assignee.

Consider the number of rooms in a house if more than one person will relocate with the assignee. The amenities in a house will also help in giving an employee the necessities during their stay, things such as high-speed wifi, and even something less obvious like household appliances will ensure their stay is comfortable.

The Employee Ownership

When working with your employees on the length of stay and return for assignment. You may decide to have assignees start taking ownership in some way of the temporary housing.

Although it isn't a common practice to start having them contribute from the beginning, you may be able to set up a deadline or timeline in which they will start to pay for housing and accommodation out of pocket.

The best way for them to know when they will begin contributing out of pocket is after all expectations on the temporary housing has been established. As in some cases, assignees may even decide to extend their stay in their current assignment location, or they would rather move into different housing of their choice. Establishing a fixed timetable with an assignee will help them know when and how urgent it is for them to look for permanent housing for long-term assignments.



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