Salary Calculator

ReloTalent has created the first unlimited salary calculator and tax engine.
All Unlimited Plus clients can use the ReloTalent Salary Calculator to perform unlimited cost projections and wage estimations, providing companies with the flexibility to constantly remain up to date and competitive in the talent marketplace.


We believe that reaching unlimited global mobility in your organisation comes with the ability to work on multiple scenarios and unlimited calculations to support your decisions.

A powerful tool for Mobility Managers

Calculating the correct compensation is an essential part of any relocation plan.
ReloTalent Salary Calculator makes sure that your expats are provided with the proper financial backing for their international and regional transfers while maintaining their quality of life.

Our unlimited approach to salary calculation affords mobility managers the comprehensive and flexible platform they need to identify areas of potential cost saving in their global mobility programs.


Final Cost Insights

Take all salary-associated costs into account, including corporate tax, and schooling and housing fees. Gain a full understanding of how these costs factor into employee compensation for global assignments.

Cost of Living

Understand how the cost of living differences between countries and cities can affect your corporate budgets and overall finances. Use our data to create the right index for you, or input your own value for maximum flexibility.


Actionable Reporting

Create and download easy to understand and ready to share reports of your salary calculations, including a full breakdown of costs, taxes, benefits, social contributions and cost of living allowances.

Cornerstone Cost of Living Calculations

The different costs of living found across the globe can mean huge changes for your assignee in terms of quality of living and how far their salary will stretch.

Our cost of living calculations are the cornerstone of the ReloTalent Salary Calculator and compare the mean prices of goods and services in two selected cities to find the difference in lifestyle between them. We then provide you with a suggested cost of living allowance for your assignee, removing the uncertainty from your assignment salary projections.

Choose an Index

ReloTalent provides two ready-made index options for quick calculations.
Our Local index predicts the outgoings for those living in their native country, while our Expat index models the lifestyle of an employee on assignment.

Create an Index

Use our qualified data to create your own cost of living index. Enter your own values for spending categories such as Restaurants, Food at Home, Leisure and Transport for a more accurate model of your assignee’s spending.

Enter an Index

Have your own corporate cost of living index for two locations? No problem. Just enter your own value and the ReloTalent Salary Calculator does the rest.

Calculate Compensation for 371 Cities in 47 Countries

Yerevan, Armenia | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Cordoba, Argentina | Mendoza, Argentina | Rosario, Argentina | Adelaide, Australia | Ballarat, Australia | Bendigo, Australia | Bunbury, Australia | Cairns, Australia | Canberra, Australia | Darwin, Australia | Geelong, Australia | Gold Coast, Australia | Sydney, Australia | Newcastle, Australia | Darwin, Australia | Cairns, Australia | Brisbane, Australia | Adelaide, Australia | Hobart, Australia | Launceston, Australia | Melbourne, Australia | Perth, Australia | Townsville, Australia | Wollongong, Australia | Graz, Austria | Innsbruck, Austria | Linz, Austria | Salzburg, Austria | Vienna, Austria | Antwerp, Belgium | Brussels, Belgium | Gent, Belgium | Liege, Belgium | Namur, Belgium | Belo Horizonte, Brazil | Brasilia, Brazil | Fortaleza, Brazil | Manaus, Brazil | Recife, Brazil | Rio De Janeiro, Brazil | Salvador, Brazil | Sao Paulo, Brazil | Sofia, Bulgaria | Varna, Bulgaria | Plovdiv, Bulgaria | Burgas, Bulgaria | Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Abbotsford, Canada | Brampton, Canada | Brandon, Canada | Burnaby, Canada | Calgary, Canada | Edmonton, Canada |  Kelowna, Canada | Gatineau, Canada | Halifax, Canada |  Hamilton, Canada | Kelowna, Canada | Laval, Canada | Lethbridge, Canada | London, Canada | Mississauga, Canada | Moncton, Canada | Montreal, Canada | Ottawa, Canada | Quebec City, Canada | Red Deer, Canada | Regina, Canada | Richmond, Canada | Saskatoon, Canada | Saint John, Canada | St. Albert, Canada | Surrey, Canada | Sydney, Canada | Toronto, Canada | Vancouver, Canada | Winnipeg, Canada | Antofagasta, Chile | Santiago, Chile | Valparaiso, Chile | Beijing, China | | Chongqing, China | Chengdu, China | Dongguan, China | Guangzhou, China | Hangzhou, China | Harbin, China | Jinan, China | Kunming, China | Nanjing, China | Shanghai, China | Shenyang, China | Shenzhen, China | Taiyuan, China | Tianjin, China

| Wuhan, China | Xi'an, China | Aalborg, Denmark | Arhus, Denmark | Copenhagen, Denmark | Esbjerg, Denmark | Odense, Denmark | Espoo, Finland | Helsinki, Finland | Tampere, Finland | Vantaa, Finland | Paris, France | Lyon, France | Lille, France | Marseille, France | Nantes, France | Nice, France | Toulouse, France | Berlin, Germany | Cologne, Germany | Dusseldorf, Germany | Frankfurt, Germany | Hamburg, Germany | Munich, Germany | Stuttgart, Germany | Hong Kong, Hong Kong | Kuwait City, Kuwait | Mangad, Kuwait | Ahmedabad, India | Bangalore, India | Chennai, India | Delhi, India | Hyderabad, India | Kolkata, India | Mumbai, India | New Delhi, India | Pune, India | Surat, India | Bandung, Indonesia  | Bali, Indonesia | Bekasi, Indonesia | Denpasar, Indonesia | Jakarta, Indonesia | Medan, Indonesia | Surabaya, Indonesia | Dublin, Ireland | Cork, Ireland | Galway, Ireland | Limerick, Ireland | Ashdod, Israel | Haifa, Israel | Jerusalem, Israel | Petah Tikva, Israel | Rishon Leziyyon, Israel | Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel | 


Bologna, Italy | Genoa, Italy | Naples, Italy Palermo, Italy | Rome, Italy | Turin, Italy | Venice, Italy | Fukuoka, Japan | Kobe, Japan | Kyoto, Japan | Nagoya, Japan | Osaka, Japan | Sapporo, Japan | Tokyo, Japan | Yokohama, Japan | Luxembourg, Luxembourg | George Town, Malaysia | Ipoh, Malaysia | Johor Bahru, Malaysia | Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia | | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Kuching, Malaysia | Penang, Malaysia | Shah Alam, Malaysia | Cancun, Mexico | Ecatepec, Mexico | Guadalajara, Mexico | Juarez, Mexico | Mexico City, Mexico | Tijuana, Mexico | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Eindhoven, Netherlands | Rotterdam, Netherlands | The Hague, Netherlands | Tilburg, Netherlands | Utrecht, Netherlands | Auckland, New Zealand | Wellington, New Zealand | Christchurch, New Zealand | Hamilton, New Zealand | Tauranga, New Zealand | Ibadan, Nigeria | Lagos, Nigerian | Bergen, Norway | Kristiansand, Norway | 

Oslo, Norway | Trondheim, Norway | Stavanger, Norway | Caloocan, Philippines | Cebu, Philippines | Davao, Philippines | Manila, Philippines | Quezon, Philippines | Zamboanga, Philippines | Gdansk, Poland | Katowice, Poland | Krakow, Poland | Lodz, Poland | Poznan, Poland | Warsaw, Poland | Lisbon, Portugal | Porto, Portugal | Coimbra, Portugal | Braga, Portugal | Chelyabinsk, Russia | Kazan, Russia | Moscow, Russia | Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia | Novosibirsk, Russia | Saint Petersburg, Russia | Yekaterinburg, Russia | Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | Mecca, Saudi Arabia | Medina, Saudi Arabia | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Dakar, Senegal | Singapore, Singapore | Johannesburg, South Africa | Cape Town, South Africa | Durban, South Africa | Port Elizabeth, South Africa | Pretoria, South Africa | Busan, South Korean | Daegu, South Korea | Daejeon, South Korea | Incheon, South Korea | Seoul, South Korea | Barcelona, Spain | Bilbao, Spain | Madrid, Spain

| Malaga, Spain | Valencia, Spain | Zaragoza, Spain | Gothenburg, Sweden | Malmo, Sweden | Stockholm, Sweden | Uppsala, Sweden |    Basel, Switzerland | Bern, Switzerland | Geneva, Switzerland | Zurich, Switzerland | Bangkok, Thailand | Chiang | Mai, Thailand | Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand | Nonthaburi, Thailand | Phuket, Thailand | Adana, Turkey | Ankara, Turkey | Bursa, Turkey | Istanbul, Turkey | Izmir, Turkey | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Al Ain, United Arab Emirates | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Sharjah, United Arab Emirates | Belfast, United Kingdom | Birmingham, United Kingdom | Bradford, United Kingdom | Cardiff, United Kingdom | Edinburgh, United Kingdom | Glasgow, United Kingdom | Leeds, United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom | Manchester, United Kingdom | Sheffield, United Kingdom | Albany, United States | Albuquerque, United States | Anchorage, United States | Arlington, United States | Atlanta, United States |

Augusta, United States | Aurora, United States | Austin, United States | Baltimore, United States | Baton Rouge, United States | Birmingham, United States | Boise, United States | Boston, United States | Boulder, United States | Bridgeport, United States | Buffalo, United States | Burlington, United States | Cedar Rapids, United States | Charleston, United States | Charlotte, United States | Chicago, United States | Cleveland, United States | Colorado Springs, United States | Columbia, United States | Columbus, United States | Dallas, United States | Denver, United States | Des Moines, United States | Detroit, United States | Fort Wayne, United States | Grand Rapids, United States | Greensboro, United States | Hartford, United States | Henderson, United States | Hilo, United States | Honolulu, United States | Houston, United States | Idaho Falls, United States | 

Indianapolis, United States | Jacksonville, United States | Jersey City, United States | Kansas City, United States | Las Cruces, United States | Las Vegas, United States | Lexington, United States | Little Rock, United States | Los Angeles, United States | Louisville, United States | Madison, United States | Manchester, United States | Memphis, United States | Mesa, United States | Miami, United States | Milwaukee, United States | Minneapolis, United States | Mobile, United States | Montgomery, United States | Nashua, United States | Nashville, United States | New Haven, United States | New Orleans, United States | New York City, United States | Newark, United States | Norfolk, United States | Oklahoma City, United States | Orlando, United States | Overland Park, United States | Palo Alto, United States | Philadelphia, United States | Phoenix, United States | 

Pittsburgh, United States | Portland, United States | Portland, United States | Raleigh, United States | Reno, United States | Saint Louis, United States | Saint Paul, United States | Salem, United States | Salt Lake City, United States | San Antonio, United States | San Diego, United States | San Francisco, United States | San Jose, United States | Seattle, United States | Spokane, United States | Syracuse, United States Tampa, United States | Tucson, United States | Tulsa, United States | Virginia Beach, United States | Washington, United States | Wichita, United States | Worcester, United States | Da Nang, Vietnam | Hai Phong, Vietnam | Hanoi, Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Is the city or country you're looking for not available?
Please contact us and let us know.
We are always looking to add new countries and cities, and to expand to the ReloTalent Salary Calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a calculation cost?

ReloTalent’s salary and international compensation calculations are accessible with no limitation for HR teams with an Unlimited Plus subscription. Unlimited calculations can be completed for each assignee to compare cost differences across countries and regions. Please refer to our pricing page for more information.

Can I calculate the entire cost of an assignment?
Combined with the ReloTalent Cost Projection tool, the Salary Calculator can be used to fully cost out an entire assignment, from assignee salary and associated corporate taxes, to housing and cultural training costs, travel allowances and familiarisation trips. ReloTalent provides the tools to predict the financial impact of employee relocations before making any commitment.

What data does the ReloTalent Salary Calculator use?
The data used in the ReloTalent Salary Calculator has been collated by our in-house tax experts from governments across the globe for our taxation, benefits and social security calculations. ReloTalent’s propriety mutli-source cost of living dataset is based on our network of service providers on the ground, providing local knowledge and insights, and is enhanced by data from Numbeo to ensure the best information possible is used for our calculations. 

Can I use my own cost of living data?

Yes, for cost of living calculations, the ReloTalent salary calculator gives users three options. Use our internally-calculated ‘local’ and ‘expat’ indexes; calculate your own index using our data; or, input your own custom index.

How flexible are the input options?
We have worked hard to give users many options when entering assignee information to ensure the calculated salary reflects the real-life situation as accurately as possible. Input options include marital status, spouse earning status, number of children, children under 18, options for and housing and schooling costs, alongside the ability for users to enter their own currency exchange and cost of living rates. Users can enter minimal information for rough estimates, or comprehensive data on the assignee for an accurate projection.

What information do I need for a calculation?
As long as you know the current gross salary, origin city/country and destination city/country the salary calculator can estimate the equivalent gross salary at the assignee destination. The more information you can provide, the more accurate the calculation process will be.

How accurate is the salary calculation?
We have endeavoured to make the ReloTalent Salary Calculator as accurate as possible, to give HR teams detailed and actionable insights into the financial costs of moving employees for work. However, the information provided by the calculator is for informational purposes only and should not be the basis for any legal submissions such as tax returns. It is always recommended that you consult a relevant specialist for such matters.