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Improving Employee Experiences Without Blowing the Budget

Many organisations now understand that maintaining a high level of assignee satisfaction is essential for success in the global mobility space. With poor relocation experiences being a significant marker for high employee turnover, businesses are ensuring that they provide excellent employee experiences. As such, the employee experience is now one of the primary focuses for HRs when managing international moves for their employees, from the initial selection of service providers, to the day-to-day workflows and handling of transferee needs.

There are many aspects to consider when looking to improve the overall experience your employees receive when they move through your relocation pipeline, such as how the process is discussed and outlined, and how the team interact with the individual. Restructuring your workflows to better serve the assignee can be a painful and often costly exercise if done poorly, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

The ideal experience

Deciding upon the ideal relocation experience for your assignees is an essential step to go through when planning on how you want to improve your processes. This is because ultimately, the goal of improving the experience is about improving your net promoter score for assignee satisfaction, resulting in increased productivity and employee retention across the business.

Therefore, when assessing the ideal experience for your assignees, its best to look at what areas are currently failing, or in need of attention, across your existing relocation program. Some of the most common issues assignees face are poor communication, exclusion from the decisions that affect them, and unease at how to handle their new placement and situation.

All of these concerns and the myriad more that exist for transferees have simple solutions, although they can be difficult to implement in smaller organisations or those with tightening global mobility budgets. Implementing measures such as the provision of welcome packages, instant messaging with assignees and buddy systems are all great solutions, but you must stay aware of any potential issues more involved services may cause.

Compliance complications

One of the big sticking points for many HRs wanting to improve the experience of relocation for their employees is how any changes made could possibly impact their personal data protection and compliance measures. The answer to these potential issues is that we need to rethink our approach to compliance within the global mobility industry.

At the moment, compliance is often handled as an additional issue, but with technology, it can be integrated within the structure of everyday tasks to reduce workloads while simultaneously providing more and better security. Many compliance responsibilities can be offloaded to background systems which track actions taken by those involved in the relocation workflows and restrict roles and data access to only those who need them. By being intelligent about how we look at the question of compliance, we can eliminate issues before they arise.

Balancing reality with technology

With the question of compliance being answered by technology, it is convenient then, that most of the updates to employee experience that can be implemented into your programs can also be facilitated with the correct relocation technology. Looking at digital solutions to assist with your improvements to experience is an excellent option as you can achieve a high impact on employee experience while still balancing a low cost per employee.

Global mobility management software platforms, such as ReloTalent, demonstrate a powerful offering precisely because they tick all the boxes; improved experiences for assignees, low per-employee costs, and most importantly, a secure and compliant platform from which to manage all your relocation activities. Outside of such an all-in-one platform, improving employee experiences in a meaningful manner can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive.

Leveraging a global mobility management tool with built-in tools geared so specifically towards the improvement of employee experience is an option few organisations can afford to miss, especially when budgets are constantly becoming more restricted.



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