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Tips for Employee Relocations – Ep. 01 – Managing Millennial Moves

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

We all know the various generations within the workforce have different wants and priorities,

especially when it comes to relocations. Millennials are no different.

Here are three key points to have in mind when managing the relocation of millennial assignees:

  1. Provide flexible options. Millennials expect to be able to make their own decisions, so provide flexibility within your mobility framework. Consider a menu-style approach for destination services and mobility options.

  2. Ensure fast and fluid communications. This generation are used to having communication and information on hand, instantly. So, ensure that you have systems in place to provide assistance at very short notice.

  3. Integrate technology throughout the relocation. Millennials use technology in all parts of their life and expect relocations to be no different. Replace paperwork and hard documents with apps and online solutions, wherever possible.



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