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Tips for Relocation Companies – Ep. 05 – Keeping Records of Conversations

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

When handling many relocations that involve a variety of stakeholders and needs, it’s easy to get mixed up and forget vital information. That’s why keeping a good record of conversations is essential. Any time you communicate with a client or assignee, make an accurate record covering these basic questions.

  • Who was in the conversation?

  • When was it?

  • What was the reason for the talk?

  • What was discussed? And,

  • What was the outcome?

Once you have these points covered, you can choose how and where to log the conversation. Storing records in your project management software is ideal, because it makes them simple to search and access. Using such as system also ensures that records can be easily retrieved by colleagues jumping into the case, with no additional help.



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