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5 Steps to Make Your Assignment Management Crisis-Proof

Let’s face it; globalisation is here to stay and assignments will continue to feed the skill gaps and developmental needs of our workforce. In these early days of summer, looking at the backlog of assignees ready to embark, many providers and global mobility teams are bracing for a very active season. But as borders are still in the midst of reopening, most global mobility teams will still have to be managed under crisis mode.

Let’s explore what every global mobility team should have in place to successfully navigate a crisis when one occurs.

1. Collaboration

The health crisis has shown how important collaboration is in difficult times, and how having the proper tools and processes in place are essential. Historically, collaboration has mainly been with providers, and mobility teams could handle every aspect with just their file share systems. However, the combination of working from home and the importance of localised duty of care for employees has brought this to a new level. Human resources business partners have found a greater role to play, with more questions being asked pre-assignment, and an increased reliance on the local teams becoming necessary.

2. Transparency

Imagine you need to jump into an assignment file without any knowledge of the case. How would it feel? How would you access the record of information? How would you be able to take action? For example, with emails still being the primary line of communication for many external parties, mobility leaders find that simply associating each email with a specific assignment file is a great tool to ensure business continuity.

Simply forward your emails to a standard email address and have them automatically recorded in the correct case file for any authorised collaborators to see. Should any part of your organisation change in the next health crisis, or better, a happy maternity leave occurs, then your team will be able to retrieve all the essential conversation and communications to keep your relocations a success.

3. Employee

Times of crisis are undoubtedly when your employees on assignment need you the most. One of the easiest and most effective ways to fulfil this need is to always stay connected through an app. Although it may sound impersonal at first, utilising modern technological solutions such as this ensure that your assignees always have their essential information on hand, and can contact you whenever a problem arises. The app ensures that you and your representatives are always at the centre of the employee experience and available when needed.

4. Real-Time Data (Cost of Living Allowances)

A rapid change in the attractiveness of any location can make a significant impact on what, in many cases, can be a long and drawn out pre-assignment phase. At ReloTalent, we see that in the short term it may be difficult to convince assignees to make the move, and for that reason, the cost of assignments can increase.

For example, assignees and their families may require the incentive of housing with a garden or balcony (in fear of potential repeated lockdowns). Additionally, developmental assignees may need to be shifted to more expensive cities that provide greater access to healthcare, and for that you’ll need to justify the costs. Having access to real-time data to support decision making at these times is essential, so that you know you’re making the right choices at the right price.

5. Reporting

The current crisis has shown that while global mobility has had a seat at the directors table, you need strong data to support your position. An integrated system like ReloTalent is the key, as full reports can be rapidly accessed and downloaded from the system, ready to present when and where they’re needed. With accurate figures and statistics, it’s easy to demonstrate your team’s skill and value in times of crisis.

ReloTalent’s global mobility management software provides your team with immediate value, from the start. How about trying it out for free for 14 days?



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